• A unique online learning community to accompany Paul Salopek's epic walk around the world
  • Introducing young people to Paul Salopek's amazing walk and 'slow journalism'
  • Encouraging them to slow down to observe the world around them
  • Connecting them with other young people from around the globe
  • Helping them to situate their own lives within a broader context
  • Exposing them to new cultures and perspectives



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Paul's Walk

Photo of Paul

In January 2013, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek set off from Ethiopia on a seven-year walk around the world.

His route retraces the migratory pathways of our ancient human ancestors.

As he walks, Paul writes about what he observes and reflects on where we have come in our unfolding human story.

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Map of the world, showing Paul's path from Ethiopia to South America.

Latest Dispatch From Paul

Paul's Latest Dispatch

Classroom Planet

Aug 21, 2017

Small bands of Stone Age humans first walked out of Africa—scientists tell us—roughly 100,000 years ago and began exploring the wild Earth. Children were part ... more

Latest Dispatch From Project Zero

Educator's Blog: Walk To Learn

El primer evento en castellano de preguntas y respuestas con Paul Salopek // The first Q&A in Spanish with Paul Salopek

Jul 28, 2017

Luz Helena Cano es asistente de investigación de Out of Eden Learn y recientemente se graduó del programa de maestría de Artes en la Educación de ... more