• A unique online learning community to accompany Paul Salopek's epic walk around the world
  • Introducing young people to Paul Salopek's amazing walk and 'slow journalism'
  • Encouraging them to slow down to observe the world around them
  • Connecting them with other young people from around the globe
  • Helping them to situate their own lives within a broader context
  • Exposing them to new cultures and perspectives

How it Works

1. Educators register

Educators, create a free account on our learning platform.

2. Add your class or classes

Register one or more classes through your account via the Dashboard.

Our "walking parties" (learning groups) are typically made up of five to six classes from different geographic locations. A class can be as small as one student (for example, a home-schooled student) and as large as 40 students. Please note that our community is only open to school-aged children. We will be launching new walking parties in January, 2015. However, if you are based outside of the United States and would like to start sooner, please email us: you may be able to join an existing walking party.

3. Have your students sign up

When you register a class, a passcode will appear for that class on your Dashboard. If you have multiple classes, you will get a unique passcode for each class.

Once we have assigned you to a walking party, give your students the class passcode. When they sign up with this passcode, they will automatically be directed to the right space on our platform and will appear on the class roster. Those of you with younger students can skip this step and post on behalf of the whole class.

4. Your learning journey begins!

“Footsteps” will be posted for your walking party every two weeks. Each footstep invites young people to (1) engage with Paul’s journey, (2) do an activity, and (3) interact with other students. You will get email notifications and instructions when a new footstep has been posted.

We strongly encourage you to connect with the other educators in your walking party before you get started. For more information please visit our FAQ.

Paul's Walk

Photo of Paul

In January 2013, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek set off from Ethiopia on a seven-year walk around the world.

His route retraces the migratory pathways of our ancient human ancestors.

As he walks, Paul writes about what he observes and reflects on where we have come in our unfolding human story.

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Map of the world, showing Paul's path from Ethiopia to South America.

Latest Dispatch From Paul

Paul's Latest Dispatch

Golden Fleece

May 29, 2015

“Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you … more

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Learning from Bassam Almohor, Paul’s guide through the West Bank, Palestine

May 25, 2015

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