Documenting the Everyday

Part 1

Engage with Paul's Journey


Listen to Paul talking about "The River of Culture" – an audio he created especially for Out of Eden Learn.

Look at two or more of the following examples of Paul's work in which he captures details of everyday life:

  • The Prophet's Mosque, a short video and description of Muslim pilgrims breaking their fast at Medina during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Milestone 18: Displaced, a short video shot at a small Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. This video is one of a series of Glances that Paul creates at each of his Milestones.
  • Milestone 19: Refuel, a short video shot at a gas station in Jenin, in the West Bank.
  • Coffea Arabica, a short video that shows how the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia prepare coffee.
  • Awad's Refrigerator, a slide show that explains how his walking guide made a water-cooler from discarded materials.

Part 2

Do an Activity: Documenting the Everyday


There are aspects of your everyday life that might be very interesting to other people but which might seem very "normal" to you. There may also be aspects of your everyday life that you don’t usually find time to notice.

Choose one of the following options, both of which involve careful observation:

  • OPTION 1: Document everyday life in a place that you know.
  • OPTION 2: Document how people in your community do something as part of their everyday lives. For example, you could focus on how a type of food or drink is prepared, how an object is made or repaired, or how someone goes about another kind of daily task or activity.
Part 3

Interact with other Students


Read through other students' thoughts about how a single object can relate to a bigger system (Footstep 7). Leave comment for three or more students. For example, you could share what you learned by reading their posts. You could also share some different or additional ideas that you might have about the objects or systems they explored.