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The activities below are adapted from Out of Eden Learn’s (OOEL) curriculum. OOEL invites young people to slow down to observe the world closely and listen attentively to others, to exchange stories and perspectives about people, places, and identity, and to make connections between their own lives and bigger human stories.

You can do these activities by yourself or in collaboration with someone such as a friend or family member. The activities are for learners of all ages—including adults! You can do them indoors, at home, outside, at school, in the city, at the park, on a mountain, or anywhere you happen to be.

Using #EdenLearn on Twitter and Instagram to share what you uncover when you slow down to observe the world a little more closely, exchange perspectives, and make connections!

Connecting Everyday Objects to Bigger Systems
closely observe an everyday object, generate questions about it, and then represent how that object connects to a bigger system.

Connecting Our Own Lives to the Past: make a visual representation of how your own life connects to the human past or history.

Creating Neighborhood Mapscreate a visual representation of your local area, as seen through your eyes, and share a related story.

Documenting the Everydaycarefully observe a place you know or something that people in your community do as part of their everyday lives. Create a short video, slideshow, illustrated guide, or vivid description of what you observe.

Everyday Borderstake a slow walk in your neighborhood or everyday context, paying specific attention to both visible and invisible borders.

Learning from Other Generations: talk to someone over the age of 50 about an object that is important to them that is at least 30 years old.

Listening to Neighbors' Stories: interview an adult to learn about their experiences and memories of their local area.