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Out of Eden Learn currently offers four different Learning Journeys (i.e. curricula):

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Core Learning Journey 1: The Present and the Local is designed to introduce students to the principles of “slow journalism”– that is, learning to observe their everyday surroundings carefully and to listen attentively to others. We also give students the opportunity to share stories and perspectives with others in their walking party and to document their everyday lives and local communities.

Core Learning Journey 2: The Past and the Global builds on the principles of Core Learning Journey 1. It also introduces more explicit opportunities for students to reflect on how their own lives connect to bigger human stories. Because Core Learning Journey 2 builds off ideas that are introduced in Core Learning Journey 1, students typically complete the first learning journey before moving onto the second. 

In Stories of Human Migration, students are invited to:

  • Explore connections and stories from their own and other people’s lives related to the broad theme of human migration

  • Develop a more nuanced understanding of human migration, including complex factors involved in migration and the diverse and multi-faceted nature of individual migration experiences

  • Develop a critical awareness of their own perspectives on human migration, including the role of the media and socio-political contexts in shaping perspectives

  • Engage with the topic of migration through discussion on the platform and/or by taking action or engaging beyond Out of Eden Learn

Introduction to Planetary Health invites students to explore the topic of planetary health, which has to do with the complex connections between environmental changes and human health. 

Remembering the Past? invites students to consider how the past is remembered, and who or what is included in this remembering and why.

Learn more about how the program works.