Everyday Borders

Adapted from Out of Eden Learn’s Curriculum, Stories of Human Migration Learning Journey



Before taking a walk in your local area, consider the following questions:

1. Why do boundaries exist?
2. Who sets up or controls boundaries?

3. Do you ever set your own boundaries? Why or why not?

  • Take a slow walk* in the area where you live and/or go to school. As you walk, ask yourself: what kinds of borders and boundaries do you notice? How is your movement restricted or enabled? Are there any ‘invisible’ borders: places where not everyone feels able to go even if there is not an explicit sign blocking their entry? Are there places where you don’t feel welcome or don’t like to go?

  • Photograph or sketch some of the borders or boundaries that you notice; or, produce a map that features different kinds of borders in your neighborhood.

  • Reflect. Include a written explanation of your choices and/or a story of your own experiences with borders. You may want to share your answers to some of these questions: Why do you think borders exist? Who do you think sets and controls them and why? Do any boundaries make you feel a certain way?

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  • Share photos of your map and story on social media using #EdenLearn! How, if at all, has your view of your neighborhood or local area changed now that you have created a map of the place? Are you seeing things differently? Share your reflections online. If the text is too long to share on Twitter, post photos of your handwritten or typed reflections. 

*Please note that Out of Eden Learn uses the term "walk" in a very broad sense and is not meant to exclude individuals with limited mobility.