Re: Food/Agriculture

I am new to Out Of Eden Learn, and have just begun to look through the resources PZ sent in their welcome email (my kids, Pre-K and 2nd Gr still aren't in a walking party). In reading this introductory piece by the BCC on Paul Salopek's journey, my kids were fascinated by the idea of shopping in a souk or open-air market. We have been on a deep dive since.  We would love to read, hear and see more from Paul about these exciting places!

We have looked up google images of souks and have made our own pictures of them, drawn in by the bright colors and vibrancy of the images.  

We have used thinking routines such as See Think Wonder to explore what is going on within the images.  Slow looking allowed us to notice the many shapes of the vessels and the items that were being sold, and wonder about how we would buy those things in our country. 

We have considered how environmentally friendly shopping at a souk could be-- there appears to be no plastic or paper packaging and buyers can bring and re-use their own containers! 

We have covered math topics as well by discussing the attributes of a souk and the many geometric shapes found within the images we collected. We noticed that many vendors sold wares that were displayed in tesselation.

We have set up souks with our toys to act out and imagine what it would be like in a souk.

We have also talked to a neighbor who has been to open air markets in Thailand.  She told us more about that which a picture cannot tell; of the many sounds and smells.  She described women chattering, men calling out selling their wares and people bargaining (you never pay the asking price).  She told us about the many curries --of all different colors and ingredients-- and how each vendor could be known for a different type of curry.

To help us experience the smells and tastes, we have been cooking recipes from areas around Jerusalem.  They have been a delicious! Try Claudia Rhoden's apple cake or baked apples and also Yotam Ottolenghi's Majadra (lentils and rice).

Since my daughter enjoys eating olives, she was happy to notice the many colorful containers of olives for sale in the souks! Next we plan to learn more about olives and their significance in history (think olive brance as a symbol of peace) and especially in the middle east.  I know we will be sketching some olives too!


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