Re: Using Out of Eden as a Platform for Empathy

Thank you very much for sharing this Victoria! I have heard of at least one other Out of Eden Learn elementary teacher making a connection to this book which I need to get a hold of - maybe others could share ways that they've used it too? I like how your Venn diagram activity focuses on similarities and differences in the bedrooms - which is something concrete that young kids can relate to. We are finding that children of all ages are naturally interested in working out the ways in which their lives are both similar and different to those of other young people of their age. We would love to hear about other educators' experiences with this aspect of Out of Eden Learn.

As a footnote, I would be less keen on kids sharing pictures of their bedroom with one another on Out of Eden Learn as there would be privacy concerns - also I would be concerned about kids comparing how much 'stuff' they have.

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