Learning From Other Generations

Adapted from Out of Eden Learn’s Curriculum, Core Learning Journey 2: The Past and the Global

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For this activity, you will explore what you can learn by talking to people who belong to a different generation. 

Begin by doing the following:


Talk to someone over the age of 50. Ask the person to talk to you about an object that is important to them that is at least 30 years old. Maybe it is something that meant a lot to the person when they were young; Maybe it is something that has been passed down through their family. Look at the object slowly together, using the See, Wonder, Connect routine. 

  • See: What do you both notice about the object? 

  • Wonder: What do you wonder about it? 

  • Connect: What connections does the person you are talking with make to this object? Can they tell you a story connected to the object?

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  • Share on social media a picture of the object you looked closely at together along with your reflections from the See, Wonder, Connect routine. Use #EdenLearn! If the text you want to share is too long, write or type your reflections and take a photo in order to post.