Terms of Service for Educators

Before you sign up to have your students participate please be aware of the following:

Protecting Students' Privacy

As an educator participating in this project, you must use your real name and institution for the purposes of this website. However, we do not collect or intend to have access to any personally identifiable information about students through the website. Specifically, you are to ensure that you and the students do not, when signing up to participate or at any other time while using this website, submit their or their classmates’ names, the names of any of their family members, their home address, email address or telephone number, any personal identifier such as a social security number, student ID number, or biometric record (such as a photograph or video of any student), any other indirect identifier, such as date of birth, place of birth, or any other information that alone or in combination with other information would permit the research team or any reasonable person to identify the students with reasonable certainty. While we ask the students to customize their avatar, the same guidelines to the creation of a username apply. In addition, please ensure that students do not upload a photo of themselves or any other person. If you contact us about any student, please do not identify them by name or using any identifier other than their username or unique avatar.

Maintaining a Respectful Environment

We expect students to show respect towards other community participants at all times. While we will not hold you responsible for everything that your students post, we are relying on you to monitor their activity on the website. We also expect you to talk with them about our Community Guidelines and the types of online posts that we consider inappropriate on Out of Eden Learn. We expect educators to have their students remove potentially offensive or inappropriate comments. Immediately alert the relevant teacher and/or Project Zero researchers if you see something inappropriate posted by another student using the report button on the website. Although we are not responsible to screen or review the content posted to our website, we do reserve the right at any time to remove content that does not comply with our guidelines. For further information, please see “Supporting Respectful Dialogue & Building Community in Out of Eden Learn: FAQs and Suggested Practices for Educators.”

Student Work

Your students’ work, without their name or other identifiers, may be featured on the home page of the Out of Eden Learn website, which can be viewed by the whole world. We may include their work in blog posts, tweets, or other forms of online communication. We may include it in written publications. However, as noted above, we do not collect or have access to any personally identifiable information about students through the website, so student work that is featured or posted will not be associated with identifiable student information. If your students wish to modify their work or comments that appear on our website because they believe them to be inaccurate, or if they or their parents wish to delete any of the content they have posted, please contact us immediately with these requests (but do not identify the students except by their avatar). To submit a request, please send an email message to EEADataSubjectRequest@harvard.edu.

Our Research

You should know that Out of Eden Learn involves a research component. As researchers at Harvard University, we are trying to find out how to develop the best online learning community that we can. We also want to find out what students are learning from it. You and your students will be asked questions about your experiences from time to time. You and/or some of your students may also be invited to talk with a researcher via Skype. However, we will not talk to students without obtaining consent from their parents. We will ask you to help us to obtain this parental permission and to organize the Skype interview(s). We may share data with collaborating researchers outside of Harvard University but all of our research is conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and in accordance with the requirements of Harvard’s Institutional Review Board (a form of research ethics committee).

How We Use Student Data

As noted above, we do not collect or have access to personally identifiable information about students, and we rely on you to ensure that students do not post identifiable information about themselves or others. In some cases, with prior parental consent, we may interview students via Skype for purposes of our research.

We use the student information that is submitted via our website, and student information that parents have provided their consent for us to use, only for scientific research purposes, and for no other purpose. We also make this student information available for the mutual educational benefit of other students and educators participating in Out of Eden Learn. We do not sell or license this information to others. We do not permit advertising on the Out of Eden Learn website or in our blog posts, tweets or other online communications.

Storage and Security

We store information we receive from you and from students on servers of companies we hire to provide services to us. Our third-party service providers agree to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information we collect, receive, store or transmit. Nonetheless, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is completely secure. While our third party service providers endeavor to ensure the integrity and security of their network and systems, we cannot guarantee that these security measures will prevent “hackers” or other unauthorized persons from illegally accessing and obtaining information.

If we learn of a security breach involving your personal information, student information posted to our website and identified only by avatar, or identifiable information that the parent of a student has consented to provide to us, we may notify you by email and, if we do, you agree to provide written notification to the parents of any students whose identifiable information may have been improperly accessed. If you become aware of any security breach, please notify us immediately.

Institutional Support

It is important that you have institutional support to participate in this program. By agreeing to our terms of service you are saying that you have the permission of your school or program leader to have your students participate in Out of Eden Learn and that you have obtained all permissions from parents that might be needed for the students to participate. You may terminate your and your students’ participation in Out of Eden Learn at any time by providing notice to us at learn@outofedenwalk.com.

Support for Students

We have found that students quickly become invested in Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk and start to feel close to him as a person. In the unlikely event that he should come to harm, it is important that your students be offered appropriate moral and psychological support.

Staying Informed & Communicating with the OOEL Team & Other Educators in Your Walking Party

We expect you to familiarize yourself with our platform and materials so that you understand how our online community works and what we are hoping to achieve with students. We expect you to respond to emails from Project Zero and to communicate with other teachers in your small learning community or “walking party”. During the confirmation process, we will ask for your consent for us to share your email address with the other educators in your walking party/parties to facilitate communication. However, we will not share your email address or other contact details with the wider Out of Eden Learn community.

Additional Terms and Consent For Educators in the European Economic Area Regarding Handling of Personal Information

Harvard University is the controller of your personal information collected as part of Out of Eden Learn. We collect, store and otherwise process your contact information and other information you provide to us as an educator participating in the Out of Eden Learn project to meet our legitimate interests in administering the Out of Eden Learn project and conducting research. We also collect, store and otherwise process the information your students provide, shed of the students’ names and other ready identifiers. This type of data is known under some data protection laws as “pseudonymized data.”  

Out of Eden Learn researchers may be based in countries other than your country, including the United States. Your information will, therefore, be transferred to the United States and potentially other countries for use by Out of Eden Learn personnel. The European Commission has determined that the data protection laws of the United States do not protect personal information to the same extent as those of the European Union. Out of Eden Learn does require our third party service providers who process personal information to implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information. You have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal information at any time, but if you do so you will no longer be able to participate in Out of Eden Learn.    

In certain cases, you may have the right, with respect to your Personal Information used in Out of Eden Learn processing activities to:

  • correct or update any of your Personal Information that is inaccurate; 
  • restrict or limit the ways in which we collect and use your Personal Information under certain circumstances (for example, if you think the information is inaccurate);
  • object to the processing of your Personal Information;
  • request the deletion of your Personal Information if you are no longer participating in Out of Eden Learn, unless deletion would seriously impair our research or if your Personal Information is needed for us to comply with legal requirements;
  • obtain a copy of your Personal Data in an easily accessible format.

To submit a request, please send an email message to EEADataSubjectRequest@harvard.edu. Because we want to avoid taking action regarding your Personal Information at the direction of someone other than you, we will ask you for information verifying your identity.  We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe. You also have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority.

Your students located in the European Economic Area also have these rights with respect to our processing of their Personal Information. Please let your students know that, if any of them wishes to exercise one or more of these rights, he or she should contact you first. If you are contacted with such a request, you should immediately notify us (without disclosing the requesting student’s identity) so that we may respond to the request.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that we obtain active parental or guardian consent prior to any student in the European Economic Area (EEA) participating in Out of Eden Learn’s online learning community. If you are an educator in the EEA area, please download our parental consent formdistribute to parents/guardians of your students for their signatures, and collect the signed forms before students begin participating on the OOEL platform. *Important Note: Once you collect the signed consent forms, you do not need to send the consent forms back to us. However, you should collect and retain them yourself as required by GDPR. Please contact the Out of Eden Learn team at learn.outofedenwalk.com with any questions or concerns.