Terms of Service for Learners

Before you sign up, please be aware of the following:

Your Privacy

You must not use your real name or other information that could be used to identify you when you sign up or at any other time on this website. Please make sure that your username does not include your real name or a nickname that you go by. You must not post pictures or videos that show you or your classmates. You must not share any personal contact details. This includes telephone numbers, addresses, emails, Facebook pages, etc. Please talk to your teacher before posting information to our website so that you understand what information you may and may not post about yourself or others.

Others' Privacy

You must not share other students’ work, photos, or comments with people outside the group without their permission.

Respecting Others

You are expected to follow our Community Guidelines. You must show respect toward other participants at all times. Remember that everything you post will be visible to teachers and researchers involved in the project. Do not post comments that tease others, even if they are other members of your class. We will not tolerate bullying. We will remove comments that express intolerance toward a particular group of people or community. If you see anything that seems inappropriate on the website, please report it immediately, using the button on the website.

Your Work

Your work may be featured on the home page of the Out of Eden Learn website, which can be viewed by the whole world. We may include your work in blog posts, tweets, or other forms of online communication. We may include it in written publications. However, your real name won’t be used given that we will never know your real identity. If you want to modify your work or comments that appear on our website because you believe they are inaccurate, or if you or your parents wish to delete any of the content you have posted, please discuss this with your parents and your teacher. Your teacher can then contact us to make these requests.

Our Research

Out of Eden Learn is a research project. Researchers at Harvard University are trying to find out how to develop the best online learning community that they can. They also want to find out what students are learning from it. You will be asked to answer survey questions about your experiences from time to time. A few of you will also be invited to talk with a researcher via Skype. You do not have to agree to do this. Also, we will not talk to you without getting permission from a parent or guardian. Your teachers will help us with the process of getting this permission.

Additional Information for Students in the European Economic Area

Even though we do not know your name, you do have rights related to the information collected about you. Please talk over these rights with your parents. Your rights include: (1) the right to see and have a copy of the information collected about you, (2) the right to make sure that your information is correct, (3) the right to stop some uses of your information, (4) the right to request that your information be crossed out and deleted, if you are no longer participating in Out of Eden Learn, and (5) the right to file a complaint with a data protection office within the government. In some cases, these rights may be limited so that we can comply with certain laws. If you want more information about these rights, please talk to your teacher. Your teacher will be able to contact us for assistance.