SENSE: Walking the Everyday

(Adapted from several activities in the Out of Eden Learn Curriculum: The Present and the Local)

There are aspects of our everyday life that might be very interesting to other people but which seem very ordinary to us. There are also parts of our everyday lives that we do not find time to notice. This is a chance to notice some new things and to share your observations with other people.

Take a walk* in your neighborhood or local environment.

  • Slow down, closely observe your environment

  • Engage all your senses

  • Notice details

  • Share on social media what you find most interesting, using #EdenLearn (e.g. photos, videos, audios, text, and/or drawings)

  • Enjoy yourself!


Some optional concrete suggestions:

  • Take some close up shots or sketches that focus on very small details. Or, choose to take in the whole scene.

  • Stop and use your five senses. What do you smell? What do you hear? Is there something you can touch? Take a photo or sketch a picture that represents something you noticed with one of your senses other than your sight.

  • Find something that is familiar to you but might be surprising to someone who doesn’t know your local environment.

*Please note that Out of Eden Learn uses the term “walk” in a very broad sense and is not meant to exclude individuals with limited mobility.